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Headlines and News

One-of-a-kind crossing

By Patrick Crowley
The Cincinnati Enquirer

NEWPORT - Of the nine bridges crossing the Ohio River at Cincinnati, only one is purple. Starting Saturday, it will be the only one just for people, too.

Newport Southbank Bridge, the "Purple People Bridge," connects Pete Rose Way in Cincinnati to Third Street in Newport
(Ernest Coleman photo)
After a $4 million restoration, the former L&N Railroad Bridge between Newport and Cincinnati will reopen as a pedestrian walkway. Officially named the Newport Southbank Bridge, the "Purple People Bridge" will be the longest connector of its kind in the country that links two states.

"Everybody has already been calling it the Purple People Bridge," says Wally Pagan, president of Newport-based Southbank Partners, a non-profit group promoting economic development in Northern Kentucky's river cities.


Why Pick Purple?

By Patrick Crowley
The Cincinnati Enquirer

So why purple? Southbank Partners, the nonprofit group that is the primary developer of the Newport Southbank Bridge, convened focus groups during the planning for converting the span to a pedestrian walkway over the Ohio River.

More than a dozen groups were shown computer-generated images of how the bridge would look painted a variety of colors, including dark purple, green, rust, orange and white.

In every group, purple and green were among the top choices.



The History

This Ohio River pedestrian bridge crosses from the Southbank of Cincinnati, Ohio, to the Northbank of Newport, Kentucky, and has been in existence since 1886. 

This historical structure, called the Purple People Bridge is a local attraction that is a wonderful source of pride and identity for the surrounding communities.